every single day the Sun would rise when the Moon falls just like that, my anger was eclipsed by overwhelming sorrow after i released all my anger, i went straight for the shower i stripped myself naked and stood under the running water thoughts of my actions flooded my mind and i started to cower … More today


I wish I didn’t have to explain myself all the time Does the distance I draw between us not suffice? Don’t the excuses I make seem pathetic to you? Is my silence not loud enough? Isn’t my objection strong enough a reason? Can you tell that I’m lying through my teeth? Can’t my hesitance speak … More Explanations

Like the Ocean

Just like the ocean; You seem so calm, so collected You invite me into your open arms You woo me with that calming noise & make me feel like i don’t have to be an adult When I embraced you, I felt deceived The unexpectedly strong waves pulled me in and under The unpredictable current … More Like the Ocean

What am I?

I often wonder what I was to you and what I am now. Was I the clink of 2 wine glasses? The tweeting of birds at sunset? The instinctive hum to familiar tunes? The ripple of every rain drop? Am I now that faraway sound you don’t even notice? Perhaps the creaking of wood that … More What am I?

15 minutes

It was just 15 minutes. I always get scolded for it. 15 minutes too long, they say. Don’t they see? It meant forgetting. 15 minutes I’ll never get back. 15 minutes I’ll regret. But 15 minutes I smile. Perhaps it was 15 minutes worth wasted?