A Star

I was stuck in the night when I finally found a star I held on to it tight, never let it stray away too far It was my only light, made everything feel right To me, my future had never seemed so bright The day went on forever as the sun kept shining From ear … More A Star


I – am losing time can’t stop the clock want to stay in certain moments just need to rest But – time keeps slipping away studies keep me preoccupied i don’t even have time for myself the clock keeps ticking i try to remove the battery hoping it could stop but my eyebags keep growing … More Time

The Hardest Thing

The Hardest Thing is to consciously, continuously pull myself away from the thought of y o u. i don’t want to be hooked on you. i know where and when i should walk just so i could just “accidentally” bump into you. yet i force my legs to move faster and faster so i’ll miss … More The Hardest Thing

Our Worlds

I miss you But that’s nothing new “You smile like you’re in love!” That really gets on my nerve (ugh) I still don’t know how to feel So I stay waiting for you to heal (from her) Will our worlds ever collide again? Cause all I’m left with is pain (go!) You told me you’ll … More Our Worlds


A pen It runs out of ink So it needs filling up sometimes A hand moves it with certainty For it needs guidance to work its best It is the parent of poetry It leaks words of emotions Some barely hold it, ever, in their life They don’t understand the power of a pen The … More Pens


it has been 5 months only now the feeling of confusion grips me i didn’t realise the gravity of what i had before me somehow it’s all so clear now it’s just a little too late sometimes i stare at my screen i keep scrolling through Twitter and Instagram hoping to find a little piece … More TELL ME